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How to Save Money with Solar Hot Water

The SolarBeam Parabolic Concentrator is a solar hot water system that provides up to 12kWh of solar hot water. Since the system tracks the sun, it is more efficient than flat panels. The SolarBeam can be used in any application that requires solar hot water or solar heat. Solar Hot Water in Vancouver? There are two primary ways to use the sun’s rays to create energy: solar photovoltaic systems create electricity; …Read More

Solar Hot Water Use in Prison Applications

Solar hot water is an important step to reduce energy usage for companies. There are many uses for solar hot water and it is cheaper than installing PV panels. Many people are familiar with flat panels, but due to the inefficiencies, they cannot heat a large home or company. Finally there is a solar hot water system that can provide: space heating, solar water and space cooling. The SolarBeam can …Read More

Solar Water for Large Applications is Cheaper with SolarBeam Concentrator

The SolarBeam Concentrator is a solar hot water system that provides up to 12kWh of solar water. Since the system tracks the sun, it is more efficient than flat panels. The SolarBeam can be used in any application that requires solar hot water. The SolarBeam is a powerful solar water system that can produce more heat per m2 than flat panels or evacuated tubes. For example, if you had to …Read More


Thank you for considering the Solar Heating of the Future: Solar Beam Concentrator Example of a purchase of a solar heating system: You’re “Pre-buying” your solar heating fuel for 5 to 6 years (then your SolarBeam) is now paid for, – after that you should go on to enjoy 20/30 years of energy free/emission free heating returns. Fact and findings of heating systems: In our climate, radiant floor heating systems …Read More

Solar Hot Water Systems: The Future of “Going Green”

Reducing energy consumption and going “Green” is the future of doing business. While the majority of companies have committed to implementing practices that are environmentally conscious and the pursuit of maintaining integrity in the way their business is conducted, it is still a fairly new concept.  They like the idea of using alternative energy as a source of power.  The idea of solar hot water still sounds very foreign to …Read More

Solar Hot Water for Hospitals

Hospitals and other medical care facilities require many resources. These include heat, power, lighting as well as medical products. When it comes to people’s health, efficiency is key; any waste means that the resources cannot be used to help someone in need. This makes energy conservation and effectiveness very important. On average hospitals require approximately 160 liters/day for every occupant. This water is used for washing of the patient, laundry …Read More

Solar Thermal Systems and Energy Storage

  To provide more versatility for a solar thermal energy system, thermal storage can be used to holdover the heat supply for when it is required. While a large amount of heat can be produced from solar power during the day, a large demand for this solar thermal energy is at night. The thermal storage system makes use of the physical and chemical properties of various substances to provide a …Read More

Solar Cooling: Efficient options exist

Solar cooling, at first, sounds like a paradox. How can something so hot be responsible for producing cold? Through careful exploitation of thermodynamic principles, these systems utilize solar heat energy to fuel a cooling process. Energy is always lost to the surroundings whenever it changes form. So instead of transforming solar heat energy into electricity, one may cool with solar heat energy and reap the benefits of an efficient solar …Read More

Solar Hot Water Technology and Heat Exchangers

In designing a solar heating installation, the entire circuit must be tuned to the specific application and location. Some solar hot water systems have been designed for residential use, providing a household with solar thermal energy for the requirements of washing, cleaning, air conditioning, dehumidification, and not least of all, heating. Solar hot water installations can be used, for buildings larger than the average family home, such as for space …Read More

Solar Hot Water Applications and Types of Solar Collectors

In large applications of solar hot water, there are 3 types of collectors; concentrating collectors, flat panels and evacuated tubes. This article will discuss the pros and cons of each type of collector when used in large solar hot water and solar heating applications Concentrating collectors in Solar Heating ApplicationsConcentrating solar collectors use reflectors either as a trough to focus on a line absorber or a dish to focus on …Read More