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Solar Concentrator Control System

The solar concentrator control system is a state-of-the-art tracking system that utilizes “EZ-SunLock” technology. With this technology, the system allows for fast setup and configuration. Thousands of control systems can be deployed in a solar power plant and configured with ease. The tracking system tracks with 0.1 degree accuracy and utilizes celestial tracking algorithm.

solar power plant scada for solar concentrator


The solar concentrator is built to communicate via Ethernet & ModBus protocol and can be interfaced with the plant’s existing monitoring system. Each solar dish controller is daisy chained to each other.

Pressure Loss

If the pressure in the primary loop drops below 7 PSI, the solar concentrator automatically moves the dish to “safety stow” position.

Power Outage

In an event of a power outage, a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) moves the dish to the “safety stow” position. When the power resumes, a 1 hour lock-out ensures that the UPS is charged before it resumes auto tracking.

Wind Monitoring

The SolarBeam tracks the sun in winds of up to 55km/hour. For winds that have a consistency above the default wind trigger speed, the solar concentrator tilts to its “safety stow” position.

Additional Features

  • Operates in Northern and Southern Hemisphere
  • Works in all latitudes
  • Horizontal tracking: 360 degrees
  • Vertical Tracking: 0 to 115 degrees
  • Error monitoring for horizontal & vertical axis
  • Temperature & flow monitoring
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