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Concentrated Solar Power for Petro Chemical Plants

The US Department of Energy estimates that currently there are 89 billion barrels of additional oil trapped in onshore reservoirs.

Governmental agency claims that the use of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies on US reserves could increase the country’s oil recovery from approximately 30% to more than 60%. If this oil was added to the US proven reserves, the country would rank fifth in the world for the size of its reserves.


Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery (Solar EOR)

In order to produce steam to inject into the oil wells, vast amounts of fuel is used which reduces the economics for EOR.

The 9M Solar Concentrator is ideal for Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery, due to the low cost and high thermal energy output that can be utilized for the extraction of oil. 

Solar Electricity

Petro chemical plants can benefit from CPV electricity generated by the Solar Concentrator.

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