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Solar Heat for Wineries and Breweries

Wineries and breweries can reduce operating costs by using solar heat for heating water up to 250 C. There are many uses for solar heat and it is cheaper than installing PV panels to provide the electricity for heating water. Many people are familiar with flat panels, but due to the inefficiencies, they cannot provide steam like the SolarBeam.
The SolarBeam is a parabolic dish that tracks the sun and can provide: steam, solar water and space heating. The SolarBeam can replace 10-15 large flat panels because it tracks the sun and can create more solar water than conventional flat panels. Now you can use the SolarBeam solar hot water system for all your heating and steam requirements. The SolarBeam is eligible for rebates and has already been installed in Pepsi, Universities, Companies and Residential applications worldwide.

Breweries and wineries use steam for their processes and this requires fuels sources such as propane, gas, or electricity. The sun is the most abundant fuel source and is free to capture. Once you have a solar heating system, you do not have to pay a monthly costs to energy companies, it is free energy. Solar heat from the SolarBeam is perhaps one of the most cost-effective solar technology on the market. With federal tax incentives and a base of qualified installers it’s easy to get into this technology.
SolarBeam qualifies for 30% tax rebate.
Wineries and breweries heat large quantities of water for rinsing and cleaning tanks, bottles, kegs and equipment. Solar thermal systems use the sun’s energy, rather than fossil fuels, to heat water for these process heat applications. Wineries and breweries can cut energy costs and go green at the same time.

For wineries and breweries, solar heat can be a smart investment since it can significantly reduce water-heating costs. These systems drive business value by providing benefits such as:

  • Solar Heat Cost Effectiveness: Compared to other forms of renewable energy, solar thermal is highly economical and efficient. When compared to a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, a solar thermal system of equivalent energy output is almost seven times less expensive.
  • Reduced Emissions: Every day, millions of natural gas-powered water heaters release carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Solar thermal is a proven technology that provides solar heat and greatly reduces emissions.
  • Green Marketing: Stand out from other businesses by going green. Solar water heating can help differentiate your property as a leader in the worldwide movement to use renewable energy.


SolarBeam can provide the solar heat for breweries and wineries by providing 40,000 BTU’s of thermal heat per hour. Since it tracks the sun, it can produce this energy from morning to dusk. It can produce temperatures of up to 250 C. For more information, check out the website at: www.solartronenergy.com

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