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Solar Hot Water Systems: The Future of “Going Green”

Reducing energy consumption and going “Green” is the future of doing business. While the majority of companies have committed to implementing practices that are environmentally conscious and the pursuit of maintaining integrity in the way their business is conducted, it is still a fairly new concept.  They like the idea of using alternative energy as a source of power.  The idea of solar hot water still sounds very foreign to them. They get excited about the fact that they can get electricity from the wind or the sun, and that it is free. However, the costs for getting solar or wind electricity is very high. Since the photovoltaic cells or steam engine turbines cost a lot of money and at best, they can give 4-7kW of electricity per system.

Then you have to worry about the lifespan of the solar cell because as it gets heated up, it could get to the point of being fried, and then you just have a useless piece of scrap metal. Many people overlook solar hot water because it is not as common or well known as solar electricity. Solar Hot Water is the better option and the “future” for those in the know. For example, the SolarBeam Concentrator can produce up to 13kW of thermal heat per hour.

This translates to 44,000 BTU’s of energy. It can heat a 120 gallon hot water tank to 90 degrees in 3 hours. Because the solar hot water system uses the raw power of the sun to heat the water, there is no loss in conversion, like there is in making electricity. So you get more bang for your buck by installing solar hot water systems than solar electricity, plus they are much cheaper. Companies that can benefit from solar hot water are: beverage companies including breweries and wineries, hotels, hospitals, schools, meat packing plants, public swimming pools etc.

Basically the rule is, if there is hot water in the building and you have a 120 gallon hot water tank, you can use a solar hot water system. In addition, the great thing about solar concentrator hot water systems is that they can generate high amounts of hot water, which can then be changed into steam. So any company with steam generation systems can offset their energy usage. If a client needs 8 tons of steam per hour, they will need 600 solar concentrators. However, the payback is 12 years and that’s without government rebates. So whether you are a home owner or a large corporation, you can reduce your energy costs by using solar hot water systems.

There are many types of systems from flat panels to solar concentrators, however solar concentrators have the best payback because they can track the sun throughout the day. The solar hot water system is not new technology. It was invented back in the 1800’s and was used to generate steam which powered a printing press. However, after the discovery of oil, people lost interest in solar energy systems and only now has there been renewed interest in this technology. The future generation needs to commit and convert to alternative energy as a source of power in order to stop or slow down climate change. Education is power and solar hot water systems, if used by everyone would cut the amount of fossil fuels by 50%. Our mission is to convert the globe one SolarBeam at a time.

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