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HCPV Solar Parabolic Solar Concentrator

HCPV Solar Parabolic Solar Concentrator Technology

solar-concentrator-cpv-multi-junction-solar-cell-application-for-solar-power-plantsConcentrating photovoltaic (CPV) technology uses optics such as lenses or curved mirrors to concentrate a large amount of sunlight onto a small area of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells to generate electricity. CPV multi-junction solar cell efficiencies of 46% are being reached compared to conventional solar power tower steam engine efficiency of 14% and average PV panel efficiency of 15%. Solartron works with CPV manufacturers and solar power plant project developers and provides a state-of-the-art parabolic solar concentrator for use with CPV multi-junction solar cell modules.

Chart showing multi-junction solar cell technology (purple) leading in efficiency compared to conventional PV Crystalline solar cells:


With the combination of high efficiency CPV dense array modules and affordable solar concentration dish technology, Solartron provides solar power plant developers with an LCOE of 4.4 cents or $1/watt installed system @ 5 MW solar power plant block. 

How The 9M Solar Concentrator (Solar Dish) Compares with HCPV Solar Fresnel Lens Technology

HCPV solar fresnel lens system focus the sun’s energy onto a HCPV module solar cell using a fresnel lens plate and additional optics to concentrate the light on a single HCPV multi-junction solar cell. The major setback for this technology is the manufacturing cost, maintenance, and reliability since many components are required to generate power – thus affecting the LCOE.

A typical 20KW HCPV fresnel lens system requires approximately 71 m2 (8 meters X 8 meters) of CPV module area. 

optical-light-lens-vs-fresnel-cpv-solar-concentratorOptical Light Lens (OLL) Technology 

solar-concentrator-cpv-light-patternUnlike the conventional HCPV solar fresnel lens systems, Solartron’s patent-pending Optical Light Lens (OLL) technology creates Square Light Pattern on the HCPV Solar Dense Array multi-junction solar cell assembly. The Solar Concentrator with HCPV dense array module drastically reduces cost by using only one OLL to correct any imperfection of reflected light and concentrates the light on the HCPV dense array multi-junction solar cell assembly. 

20 KW HCPV multi-junction dense array module requires only 0.04 m2 (20 cm X 20 cm) of CPV module area.

ROI for 10 MW Solar Electricity & Solar Thermal 

Utilizing the latest technology enhancements in optics, manufacturing and assembly, the solar concentrator solar dish has the lowest cost for a mechanical tracking and optics system. The hybrid solar concentrator not only competes with the low cost per watt of conventional PV panels but also provides thermal heat that can be used for solar water desalination or process heating. 

  • Solar Concentrator Electricity Production: 20kW 
  • Yearly kWh: 53,500
  • Payback: 2.4 years

Features at a Glance for Solar Concentrator CPV multi-junction System:

  • LCOE @ 4.4 cents / $1 per watt installed CPV system
  • Can be deployed on uneven terrain
  • Equipped with advanced cooling system for CPV solar cells
  • Highly reliable and simple to operate
  • 1000 X optical concentration
  • No mirror alignment
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