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Solar Electricity Solar Power Plant

Solar Electricity for Solar Power Plant Developers

With its low cost manufacturing & installation, the 9M solar concentrator can integrate with various systems to generate utility grade electricity. Many solar power plant developers need to have solar technology that provides affordability and years of worry free maintenance. 

The Solar Concentrator integrates HCPV / CPV multi-junction solar cells to generate 20 KW electricity and provides 4.4 cents LCOE for solar power plants. The solar concentrator provides thermal energy for applications that utilize solar stirling engine and organic rankine cycle engine technology. 

CSP Growth

With the projections of concentrated solar power electricity production increasing around the world, the Solar Concentrator is capable of delivering the energy production with the lowest LCoE. (see table below)


Referenced: http://www.iea.org/publications/freepublications/publication/csp_roadmap.pdf


Solar Resource

Although the Earth’s “sunbelts” are moderately narrow, the potential for concentrated solar power use is large. If more CSP installations are performed, the potential in the southwestern US states would meet the electricity requirements of the entire United States several times over.

Potential in the Middle East and North Africa would cover about 100 times the current consumption of the Middle East, North Africa and the European Union combined. To sum up, CSP would be largely capable of producing enough no-carbon or low-carbon electricity and fuels to satisfy global demand.


Build Your Own Solar Hydrogen Power Plant

New technologies are available to use solar concentrator technology to generate your own hydrogen & electricity. Hydrogen fuel is considered to be the EV (electric vehicle) killer. Learn from over 10 years of R&D how to build your own solar power plant!

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