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Solar Concentrator for Industrial Process Heating

Solar Concentrator for Process Heating

Heating processes (not including steam generation) consume about 5.2 quads (quadrillion Btu), which is nearly 17% of all energy used by industry.In U.S. industry, process heating  accounts for more direct energy use than any other processes that consume energy during manufacturing.In fact, energy costs for process heating represent 2%–15% of a product’s total cost.

The 9M solar concentrator can provide 45 KW of thermal energy for various process heating applications due to its concentrated solar power efficiency and varied temperature range. The Solar Concentrator can provide solar thermal heating to the following applications:


 Energy costs for process heating represent 2%–15% of a product’s total cost.

Benefits of Using the 9M Solar Concentrator for Process Heating:


    • Competitive pricing with natural gas
    • Uncompromised efficiency and cost
    • Can be deployed on uneven terrain
    • Highly reliable and simple to operate
    • More efficient and affordable than flat panels or parabolic trough technology
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