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How to Save Money with Solar Hot Water

The SolarBeam Parabolic Concentrator is a solar hot water system that provides up to 12kWh of solar hot water. Since the system tracks the sun, it is more efficient than flat panels. The SolarBeam
can be used in any application that requires solar hot water or solar heat.

Solar Hot Water in Vancouver?

There are two primary ways to use the sun’s rays to create energy: solar photovoltaic systems create electricity; and solar hot water systems which create heat for water. Currently, of the two,
solar hot water systems are the more economical and efficient choice in our climate.

The majority of homes in Vancouver are heated by natural gas rather than electricity. Natural gas is more greenhouse gas intensive than hydro-electricity. It follows that the energy we
use for space and hot water heating makes up the vast majority of the carbon footprint of a typical Vancouver home.

Solar may sound like a tough sell in a climate infamous for rain and perpetually overcast skies. But fear not: solar hot water systems are proving to be viable and increasingly economical in our
local context. The SolarBeam can produce as much energy as 15 flat panels and because it is installed on the ground, it does not require reinforcement of the roof, as flat panels do.

In a typical household as much as one-third of energy consumption is devoted to water heating. Solar thermal systems in Vancouver can supply up to 60 percent of energy needs for water
heating. This reduces a homeowner’s natural gas or electricity consumption, and the associated costs on your utility bill. Over the course of a year, the savings can be significant.

Solar hot water is widespread throughout other regions of the world. Germany’s climate is similar to Vancouver’s, if less favourable from a solar standpoint, yet Germany is leading
the way in Europe, boasting 150,000 solar thermal installations.

Solar hot water rebates for Vancouver homeowners

Cost continues to be a barrier for many who have considered installing a renewable energy system. SolarBC’s mandate is to make solar hot water an accessible, affordable and practical energy solution for citizens and communities across the province with the goal of 100,000 solar rooftops in BC by 2020.

Vancouverites can receive up to $3000 dollars in rebates when installing a solar hot water system through a partnership between SolarBC, the City of Vancouver, FortisBC and Offsetters.

The SolarBeam costs around $25,000 installed and will provide free solar hot water and free solar heat for a home that is 2,500 sq. feet. With a rebate of $3,000. You will have your own power utility company for $21,000 and will reduce your overall expenses for heating by 70%.


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