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Solar Concentrator Information Overview

Solar Concentrator Information Overview

CPV / ORC / Stirling Engine Questions

  • The CPV receiver is not available with the 7M or 9M concentrator due to the high cost and low volume application.
  •  For a CPV receiver, it requires technology investment of at least 5 Million USD and minimum energy production of 100 MW to be competitive
  • If you have your own CPV module, Stirling engine, or ORC you can purchase the 7M (minimum order of 4X) for integration with your system
  • For CPV prototype integration with our solar concentrator, we recommend Azur Space and their dense array module

9M Solar Concentrator Availability

  • If you are interested in the 9M solar concentrator there is a minimum 100 system manufacturing order

7M Solar Concentrator

  • The 7M concentrator is competitive with natural gas
  • The 7M comes with a max operating temp of 94 c. If you want to achieve higher temperatures of 270 c the system is capable of providing this but high temperature absorber is required.

Electricity Production

  • For electricity production, we can provide our PV 12.5 KW dual-axis PV solar tracker.
  • For smaller applications, we can provide our PV 3.5 KW or 5 KW single axis PV solar tracker.

Commercial Solar Thermal Installation – PepsiCo

We have installed our systems around the world for various applications, below is a thermal solar dish used at the PepsiCo plant in Arizona.
Please see Google maps 3D Ariel of 5 Thermal Dishes we installed at PepsiCo in Arizona


solar concentrator at pepsi arizona


HS Description: Solar Hot Water Heater

Terms of Payment

Full payment prior to shipping. 50% at time of order. 50% prior to shipping.

Onsite Support

$7,500 USD (Optional)

We provide optional 3 day onsite support. Onsite support provides training and commissioning to installer after the Equipment has been installed. Onsite support provides training on how to setup the auto-tracking, troubleshooting errors, review the installation of the Equipment. Onsite support does not include physical installation of equipment.

Installation Time:

2-3 days with a team of 3 people and excavator.

Approx. install cost: $3,000 – $7,000 depending on application

Installation video overview:



Build Your Own Solar Hydrogen Power Plant

New technologies are available to use solar concentrator technology to generate your own hydrogen & electricity. Hydrogen fuel is considered to be the EV (electric vehicle) killer. Learn from over 10 years of R&D how to build your own solar power plant!

Build a Solar H2 Power PlantLearn More