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Solar Concentrator with Solar Stirling Engine

How a Solar Stirling Engine Works With The 9M Solar Concentrator

The 9M Solar Concentrator is designed to automatically track the sun and collect the sun’s energy and focus 1000X concentrating solar energy onto a solar stirling engine receiver which in turn converts the focused solar thermal energy into grid-quality electricity. 

The solar stirling engine operates with concentrated solar power heat from the sun that is focused by the 9M solar concentrator reflective mirrors.

The solar stirling engine receiver has an external heat exchanger that absorbs the incoming concentrating solar power thermal energy.This heats then pressurizes the gas in the heat exchanger, and this gas in turn powers the solar stirling engine. 

Solartron Experience With Optics & Tracking

solar concentrator light pattern

The optical design of the 9M solar concentrator ensures maximum light concentration with minimum loss on the heat exchanger at the receiver. 

Solartron has extensive experience with optics and tracking to ensure uniform heating of the solar stirling engine. Solar power plant developers can utilize the affordable 9M solar concentrator and integrated solar stirling engine to produce affordable grid-quality electricity. 


Benefits of Using 9M Solar Concentrator with Solar Stirling Engine:

    • Designed to handle the heavy weight of a stirling engine (180KG approx.)
    • Provides focal point temperature of 800 C
    • Does not require water for operation
    • Can be deployed on uneven terrain
    • Can be scalable in sizes ranging from 8.5 kW to hundreds of MWs enabling it to make optimal use of the existing transmission facilities
    • Low land use per deployed MW, providing customers with a lower LCoE
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