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HCPV Solar Parabolic Solar Concentrator

CPV Solar Parabolic Solar Concentrator for Concentrating Photovoltaic & Thermal Production

Solar Electricity

The SolarBeam Solar Dish is a solar concentrator technology that can be used with HCPV / CPV multi-junction solar cell technology, free piston stirling engine, and steam engine technologies.

Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery

The Solar Concentrator can use concentrated solar power to offer a hybrid solution for petrochemical oil companies for solar enhanced oil recovery and solar electricity.

Solar Water Desalination

Utilizing the hybrid CPV solar concentrator for solar water desalination will provide operators of water desalination plants with immediate energy savings.


SolarBeam Worldwide Installation History

In 2010, Solartron developed a commercial 4.5 meter parabolic solar concentrator to provide peak 12 kWh (40,900 BTU). The concentrator was implemented in 48 locations worldwide ranging from desert to snow/ice condition and provided thermal energy.


The concentrated solar power technology was the first system receive international thermal certifications for Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.The successful deployment of the solar dish furthered the development of the 7.5 meter dish in 2013 and in 2016 the 9 meter hybrid solar concentrator was developed. 

9 Meter Hybrid Solar Concentrator with 4.4 cents LCOE

The 9 meter parabolic dish is designed for developers who need to compete with existing PV technology and require a solar power plant at an LCOE of 4.4 cents ($1 per watt installed) when used with a 37% multi-junction solar cell – packaged as a solar dense array module. With it’s hybrid technology, it can be used for industrial thermal power plant applications further adding to an improved LCOE that can be used for:





Concentrated Solar Power Technological Breakthrough

The patent pending engineered Optical Light Lens (OLL) has been designed to achieve a uniform square light distribution on a single 200mm x 200mm HCPV / CPV dense array module (20 KW). OLL technology compensates for imperfections of manufacturing the reflective dish and assembly and creates a uniform light pattern on the HCPV module.


Standard HCPV Fresnel systems use multiple Fresnel lenses and require optical devices for each HCPV cell which adds to cost, complexity, and reliability issues.


OLL technology solves the problem by using only one OLL device per every 20KW multi-junction solar cell dense array module.