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Lowest Cost Electricity Production for CPV Dense Array

Less Than $1 Per Watt Installed

Solar Power Electricity

OEM developers of CPV Dense Array Modules and Stirling Engines and can use the SolarBeam for solar power electricity generation.

Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery

The parabolic concentrator dish offers an affordable and scalable solution for petrochemical oil companies that want to offset cost and utilize solar enhanced oil recovery.

Solar Water Desalination

Utilizing the parabolic concentrator for solar water desalination will provide operators of water desalination plants with immediate energy savings.

Parabolic Solar Concentrator Hybrid Thermal & Dense Array CPV


SolarBeam Worldwide Installation History

The commercial SolarBeam 4.5M  parabolic concentrator was developed to provide peak 12 kWh (40,900 BTU) from an incredibly small collecting area of 16 m2 (160 sq.ft). The SolarBeam was implemented in 48 locations worldwide ranging from desert to snow/ice condition.

The SolarBeam 4.5M met all targeted energy efficiencies and reliability. The successful deployment of the SolarBeam 4.5M lead to the development to the utility scale SolarBeam 7M.

Introducing the SolarBeam 7M Utility Model

The SolarBeam 7M is designed for utility and industrial applications such as:

  • Sterling Engine Electricity Production
  • Steam & ORC Electricity Production
  • Solar Water Desalination
  • Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Industrial Process Heating



SolarBeam 7M Quick Features

The versatile SolarBeam 7M has the following specifications:

  • Diameter: 7 meters (23 feet)
  • Collecting Area: 38.5 m2 (414 sq.ft)
  • Weight: 1,100 kg (2,425 lbs)
  • Focal Point Power:  28.5 kW (97,246 BTU) 
  • Concentration Ratio: 1,000 X
  • Focal Point Temp: up to 800 Celsius (1472 Fahrenheit)