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Solar Concentrator Solar Energy & Land Management

Power production requires resources. Among these resources includes space and land. In this short article, we will discuss various technologies ranging from Solar Concentrator technology to standard plat panel technology and how land management is important when planning to install these systems.   Since the sun beams down energy across the earth each and every day, basically anywhere in the world can become a power plant. The problem is that …Read More

Solar Water Applications in Spain

The amount of solar energy reaching the surface of the planet is so vast that in one year it is about twice as much as will ever be obtained from all of the Earth’s non-renewable resources of coal, oil, natural gas, and mined uranium combined. Solar energy can be harnessed to provide solar water and solar heat. Depending on a geographical location the closer to the equator the more “potential” solar …Read More

Qualities of an Effective Solar Hot Water System

Solar hot water systems exist in many variations and styles. At the core of all these systems, there are distinct similarities. The obvious one, is that they all are designed to transform the radiant energy of the sun, beaming down across the earth each day, into usable heat energy. The heat energy can be used for many purposes; domestic hot water for cleaning, bathing and cooking, space heating or in-floor …Read More

Solar Power and multi-junction cells

The sun emits a wide spectrum of radiation towards the earth every day. This radiation ranges in wavelength from 100 nm to 1mm. The low energy photons are part of the infrared spectrum, the high energy photons are part of the ultraviolet spectrum and in between these two exists visible light of all colours. There is thus a wide variety of solar power available to absorb and convert into electricity …Read More

Solar Power: Words from the Wise

Solar energy is not just a novel idea. Brilliant minds around the world espouse the idea as an essential way to fuel our society. Great thinkers and movers see the potential in this technology. From inventors to politicians, scientists and poets, people from many different walks of life are saying the same thing. We must develop solar energy systems to bear the brunt of humanities’ energy consumption.   For example, …Read More

Basics of Solar Radiation

  The sun and its radiation have a great impact on the entire earth. Most forms of fuel and energy are derived from the solar power originally. This solar energy is the beginning for the chemical and biological processes on our planet. When fossil fuels and biomass sources are used for energy one is simply trying to recoup the solar power contained within. The winds and ocean currents also pull some of …Read More

Absorption Chiller space requirements with Solar Thermal Systems

An absorption chiller is a machine that operates on thermodynamic principles to convert the solar thermal energy to air conditioning and refrigeration. Absorption chillers use a thermal compressor instead of a mechanical compressor. The system operates in three phases: evaporation, absorption and regeneration. The first stage involves liquid form refrigerant evaporating low partial pressure surroundings, thereby extracting heat from its environs. The environment in this case is the refrigerator, or …Read More

Solar Cooling: Efficient options exist

Solar cooling, at first, sounds like a paradox. How can something so hot be responsible for producing cold? Through careful exploitation of thermodynamic principles, these systems utilize solar heat energy to fuel a cooling process. Energy is always lost to the surroundings whenever it changes form. So instead of transforming solar heat energy into electricity, one may cool with solar heat energy and reap the benefits of an efficient solar …Read More

Solar furnaces: a power use of solar power

Solar power can be used in many extraordinary ways. One of the most majestic applications of solar thermal energy is the solar furnace. These are enormous installations that make use of solar thermal energy for extreme high heat processes (temperatures as high as 3500oC/6330oF). The technology is wonderful for high temperature researchers; the heat produced is very clean with no pollutants. There are a variety of uses for this energy, …Read More

Solar Hot Water Technology and Heat Exchangers

In designing a solar heating installation, the entire circuit must be tuned to the specific application and location. Some solar hot water systems have been designed for residential use, providing a household with solar thermal energy for the requirements of washing, cleaning, air conditioning, dehumidification, and not least of all, heating. Solar hot water installations can be used, for buildings larger than the average family home, such as for space …Read More

Build Your Own Solar Hydrogen Power Plant

New technologies are available to use solar concentrator technology to generate your own hydrogen & electricity. Hydrogen fuel is considered to be the EV (electric vehicle) killer. Learn from over 10 years of R&D how to build your own solar power plant!

Build a Solar H2 Power PlantLearn More