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Solar Water Applications in Spain

The amount of solar energy reaching the surface of the planet is so vast that in one year it is about twice as much as will ever be obtained from all of the
Earth’s non-renewable resources of coal, oil, natural gas, and mined uranium combined. Solar energy can be harnessed to provide solar water and solar
heat. Depending on a geographical location the closer to the equator the more “potential” solar energy is available. Southern Spain, a region
known the world over for its abundant sun and scarce rain, provides an ideal landscape for solar heat and solar water.

SolarBeam Concentrator is a solar hot water system that provides solar water for businesses. It is a parabolic dish that is 4.5 meters wide and tracks the sun.
The system creates solar water that can be used by hotels, beverage companies, hospitals, schools etc.

In Spain, the SolarBeam can produce a lot of solar water because the SolarBeam can create as much energy as 10-15 flat panels. The SolarBeam produces an average of 35,000 BTU’s of solar heat per hour.

The country is one of the most advanced in the development of solar heat and solar water, and it is one of the sunniest regions of Europe with approximately 2650
hours of sunshine per year.


SolarBeam can be used in these applications to provide solar water:


#1. Solar Water for Rental Apartment Buildings. Most apartment buildings have central natural gas water heating systems. Between
tenant showers, washing machines, and dish washers, building owners are flushing a large portion of their rental income down the proverbial drain. The
SolarBeam can be used to provide solar hot water. It can be installed on a flat roof or on the ground, which gives it more flexibility than flat panels. In
addition, the SolarBeam only requires 150 sq. feet of space to operate, compared to 15 flat panels that require more space.

#2 Solar Water for Hotels. When you think of hotel hot water needs, you think of sheets, towels, table cloths, dish washing from room
service, and restaurants, not to mention a pool. Margins are that much thinner without a solar water system that lasts 20 or more years. In addition, the
hotel can promote their environmental stewardship by going solar thermal. In Andalucía there is a rebate of up to 80% on solar water installations.

#3 Solar Water for Laundromats. Laundry facilities are an obvious choice for installing solar water. Their business is based on hot water … and
their water heating bills. A properly sized solar hot water system can reduce water heating bills by an average of 70% over the course of the year..

4 Solar Water for Nursing Homes. Like hotels, nursing homes have diverse needs for solar hot water. It’s a combination hotel, hospital, and
restaurant, serving the food, sterilization, and bathing hot water needs of its elderly clients, 24/7. As Medicare reimbursements continue to decrease, solar
hot water savings will enable these businesses to save more of their slimming margins.

#5 Solar Water for Hospitals. Hospitals have the same solar water heating needs as a nursing homes, but their needs are greater in every way. The
good news is that their size typically allows for a huge roof area on multiple buildings, so the logistics for installing solar thermal systems on a hospital
may not have the space constraints of a tall apartment complex. While non-profit hospitals may not be eligible for solar thermal tax credits, the good news is
that their boards may have a green-minded benefactor who can fund the upgrade along with other energy efficiency projects.

For more information on how the SolarBeam Concentrator can reduce energy usage, please contact www.solartronenergy.com

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