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Solar Heat & Solar Thermal Heating Wineries

Solar Heated Wineries -The Perfect Pairing

Wineries of the world from California across the globe and back to New Zealand are at the forefront of Solar heating. High electrical rates have become one of the more expensive and unpredictable costs of running a winery. Average electricity rates have been growing at an average of 10% annually since 1970. Solar hot water is extremely efficient, offers major financial incentives and blends quite nicely with wineries..the Perfect Pairing. Doesn’t get any greener than this. Zero emissions, Solar heat is environmentally friendly. Solar does not pollute or emit greenhouse gasses. Solar is as pure, clean and safe as you can be. The best choice for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. No tanks of highly flammable materials, free of fuel odours. No worry about tank leaks, hazmat teams and clean up costs.

Solar heating has a stable price, once paid for you are protected from inflation and political uncertainty which effects regulation of other fuels. Solar heat is a wise investment. Yield is comparable to a good stock. Solar investment/dividends are tax free and go up in value with inflation. Basically, a no brainer not to mention good for the conscience. Many wineries have taken the next step towards energy independence.

The Solar Beam is the future having far surpassed the flat panel technology. It takes one Solar Beam to replace 15-30 solar flat panels depending on location and size (see RETScreen for detailed analysis). Not to mention the sheer amount of space saved which could better be served to cultivate land. Maintenance and repair costs are far less than that of the solar panels due to a simplified and more effective design which reduces component parts and system damage risk. Several wineries are producing solar hot water that reduces their heating bills on water. Solar Energy is becoming the new standard in this niche industry.

The international sales team at SolarTron Energy Systems is looking forward to attending the VinExpo in Ciudad Real to connect with and support those on the Solar Frontier and advise those who have yet to step into the future generation of doing business. Saving money and the environment in one suave swoop. Sampling fine wines just comes with the territory.

If you are curious as to how the SolarBeam tracks the sun and operates, check out this interesting video from our distributor in Marthas Vineyard, USA.