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Solar Heat Incentive in California

The SolarBeam Concentrator is a solar hot water system that provides up to 12kWh of solar hot water. Since the system tracks the sun, it is more efficient than flat panels. The SolarBeam can be used in any application that requires solar hot water or solar heat. Currently the California government is paying commercial applications for solar heat. You can make a lot of money using SolarBeam for providing solar heat because it produces 12kWh from one system.

You would need at least 15 flat panels to provide the same amount of solar heat. In California you can get up to $500,000 rebate for solar hot water. For more information on the grants available, see the link below: http://www.gosolarcalifornia.org/solarwater/

The SolarBeam is a powerful solar hot water system that can produce more solar heat per m2 than flat panels or evacuated tubes. For example, if you had to heat 10,000 gallons of hot water to 150 F in 6 hours, 36 SolarBeams are required, compared to 468 flat panels ( typically 1 SolarBeam to 15 flat panels: based on type of flat panel and application type) Since the SolarBeam can be installed on the ground or the roof.

There is greater flexibility than flat panels or evacuated tubes that have to be installed on the roof. Also, rarely is there space to install 468 flat panels on the roof or on the ground (if the space is available) When it comes to spacing of the SolarBeams, generally you can allow 20 feet apart for installation. This is dependant on your location and the layout for the SolarBeams.

Solar hot water rebate in California CSI THERMAL PROGRAM

• CSI-Thermal (Existing Homes) Solar Water-Heating Program

• Low-Income Single and Multifamily Residences (Solar Water-Heating)

• CSI-Thermal Contractors

• Application Forms (www.csithermal.com)

• CSI Thermal Incentive Step Tracker

• CPUC CSI-Thermal Program Page

• CPUC CSI-Thermal Low-Income Program Page Home


California Solar Hot Water Incentive Incentives are now available for Solar Hot Water Systems! The CSI-Thermal Program offers cash rebates of up to $1,875 for solar hot water heating systems on single-family homes. Multifamily and Commercial properties qualify for rebates of up to $500,000. Save money on gas or electricity bills by harnessing the heat of the sun! Funding for the CSI-Thermal program comes from ratepayers of PG&E, SCE, SoCalGas, and SDG&E. The rebate program is overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission as part of the California Solar Initiative.

Find out if you qualify:

• CSI-Thermal rebates are available to homeowners, landlords and business owners who install solar water heating systems in the service territories of PG&E, SCE, SoCalGas and SDG&E.

• Solar water heating systems must use eligible equipment that has a Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) OG-300 rating for single-family, and OG-100 for multi-family/commercial.

• Solar water heating systems eligible for rebates must displace the use of either natural gas or electricity as the fuel for water heating. • Rebates are available for qualifying systems that were installed after July 15, 2009. How much you’ll save Rebates vary depending on the type of solar water heating system, location, shading and other design factors. A typical homeowner with a solar water heating system displacing a natural gas can expect a rebate of about $1,500 at the initial incentive level. Rebates for electric-displacing systems start at around $1,000 for the average system.

Incentives will decline over time as the program meets certain benchmarks, so customers are encouraged to apply for their rebate early. To learn more about how much you will save, check the solar events calendar for a free solar hot water information class in your utility area. Finding an Eligible Solar Thermal Contractor Contractors and self-installers must become eligible to participate as contractors in the CSI-Thermal Program by taking a one-day training class offered by the CSI-Thermal Program Administrators. A listing of all eligible CSI-Thermal Solar Water Heating Contractors is provided for consumers.

For More Information

• Contact the Program Administrator in your area for more information on applying for the CSI-Thermal Program.

• Check the availability of solar thermal classes in your area.

• Incentive levels, technical requirements and other program details can be found in the CSI-Thermal Program Handbook.

• To apply for rebates, visit the CSI-Thermal online application site.

• For information about CSI-Thermal program policy developments, including the forthcoming CSI-Thermal program for multifamily and commercial solar hot water systems, see the CSI-Thermal Program page on the CPUC website.

• You may download a file containing information on all projects that have applied for the CSI-Thermal rebate, including project size, type and cost information. Download the Excel CSV file.

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