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Solar Hot Water Applications and Types of Solar Collectors

In large applications of solar hot water, there are 3 types of collectors; concentrating collectors, flat panels and evacuated tubes. This article will discuss the pros and cons of each type of collector when used in large solar hot water and solar heating applications Concentrating collectors in Solar Heating ApplicationsConcentrating solar collectors use reflectors either as a trough to focus on a line absorber or a dish to focus on …Read More

Solar Heating from Reflective Material

Research paper from SolarTron Energy discusses the advantages and disadvantages of  using Polymer-Based Mirror Film Inserts as a reflective material for solar heating systems The Solar Concentrator has a parabolic reflector which enables to concentrate the sun’s energy into a focal point where the solar collector is positioned. The solar concentrator is equipped with a dual axis celestial tracking system for tracking the sun during its operation A       Technological Objective …Read More