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Solar Hot Water Systems: The Future of “Going Green”

Reducing energy consumption and going “Green” is the future of doing business. While the majority of companies have committed to implementing practices that are environmentally conscious and the pursuit of maintaining integrity in the way their business is conducted, it is still a fairly new concept.  They like the idea of using alternative energy as a source of power.  The idea of solar hot water still sounds very foreign to …Read More

Solar Hot Water for Hospitals

Hospitals and other medical care facilities require many resources. These include heat, power, lighting as well as medical products. When it comes to people’s health, efficiency is key; any waste means that the resources cannot be used to help someone in need. This makes energy conservation and effectiveness very important. On average hospitals require approximately 160 liters/day for every occupant. This water is used for washing of the patient, laundry …Read More

Solar Power and multi-junction cells

The sun emits a wide spectrum of radiation towards the earth every day. This radiation ranges in wavelength from 100 nm to 1mm. The low energy photons are part of the infrared spectrum, the high energy photons are part of the ultraviolet spectrum and in between these two exists visible light of all colours. There is thus a wide variety of solar power available to absorb and convert into electricity …Read More

Solar Power: Words from the Wise

Solar energy is not just a novel idea. Brilliant minds around the world espouse the idea as an essential way to fuel our society. Great thinkers and movers see the potential in this technology. From inventors to politicians, scientists and poets, people from many different walks of life are saying the same thing. We must develop solar energy systems to bear the brunt of humanities’ energy consumption.   For example, …Read More

Basics of Solar Radiation

  The sun and its radiation have a great impact on the entire earth. Most forms of fuel and energy are derived from the solar power originally. This solar energy is the beginning for the chemical and biological processes on our planet. When fossil fuels and biomass sources are used for energy one is simply trying to recoup the solar power contained within. The winds and ocean currents also pull some of …Read More

Solar Space Heat: flat plates vs tracking concentrators

Heating is a major consideration in designing and heating a home. There are many options to choose from. One may heat with gas, geothermal, electricity or solar energy sources. This article focuses on a comparison between two types of solar thermal energy; stationary flat panels and tracking concentrators. The application considered in this case is that of heating a home. Dwellings must be kept at the proper temperature in many …Read More

Absorption Chiller space requirements with Solar Thermal Systems

An absorption chiller is a machine that operates on thermodynamic principles to convert the solar thermal energy to air conditioning and refrigeration. Absorption chillers use a thermal compressor instead of a mechanical compressor. The system operates in three phases: evaporation, absorption and regeneration. The first stage involves liquid form refrigerant evaporating low partial pressure surroundings, thereby extracting heat from its environs. The environment in this case is the refrigerator, or …Read More

Solar Hot Water Systems and the European Union

The European Union and its Member States have committed themselves to achieving a 20% share of renewable energy in Europe’s final energy consumption by 2020. To reach this target, the renewable heating sector will have to make a significant contribution since the demand for solar hot water heating and cooling represents 49% of the total energy demand in Europe. The SolarBeam Concentrator can be used for solar hot water heating …Read More


Many people and companies want to benefit from solar power because it is free and it is environmentally responsible. A new company, SolarTron Energy Systems is working on a photovoltaic module that can give up to 4kW/hour of electricity at a solar radiation of 1000 w/m2. This module can be added to their existing solar hot water systems that tracks the sun and creates up to 12kW of solar thermal …Read More