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Solar Hot Water Systems: The Future of “Going Green”

Reducing energy consumption and going “Green” is the future of doing business. While the majority of companies have committed to implementing practices that are environmentally conscious and the pursuit of maintaining integrity in the way their business is conducted, it is still a fairly new concept.  They like the idea of using alternative energy as a source of power.  The idea of solar hot water still sounds very foreign to …Read More

Solar Thermal Systems and Energy Storage

  To provide more versatility for a solar thermal energy system, thermal storage can be used to holdover the heat supply for when it is required. While a large amount of heat can be produced from solar power during the day, a large demand for this solar thermal energy is at night. The thermal storage system makes use of the physical and chemical properties of various substances to provide a …Read More

Solar Space Heat: flat plates vs tracking concentrators

Heating is a major consideration in designing and heating a home. There are many options to choose from. One may heat with gas, geothermal, electricity or solar energy sources. This article focuses on a comparison between two types of solar thermal energy; stationary flat panels and tracking concentrators. The application considered in this case is that of heating a home. Dwellings must be kept at the proper temperature in many …Read More