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About Us

SolarTron Energy is operated by Electron Test Equipment Limited (ETE). ETE provides leading-edge semiconductor test equipment and they have earned an excellent reputation for the quality and reliability of our semiconductor reliability test equipment.

Electron Test Equipment Limited
44 Brighton Road
Salfords, RH1 5BX

Phone: + 44 1293 904 001

Solartron Energy specialize in mechanical, optical, and electronic engineering. With our expertise, we have designed the most efficient and economical solar parabolic solar concentrator for use in utility and industrial CSP (concentrated Solar Power) for solar power plant applications.

From the optical to mechanical design, Solartron’s engineers, by the direction of the founder, Edward Herniak, have designed a complete system that can be manufactured in high volume and low cost.

When designing the solar concentrator, our engineers ensured that the mechanical assembly was designed for fast deployment to ensure low cost installation. The solar concentrator was also engineered with zero optical alignment which eliminates the need for alignment of the mirrors during the commissioning process. 

Solartron was founded in 2010. The initial design of parabolic concentrator was a 4.5 meter system designed for low temperature applications below 94 Celsius.

The SolarBeam 4.5 meter solar concentrator has been used in 48 locations around the world including:

    • USA
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • Spain
    • ItalyGermany

With various climatic environments, the Solar concentrator was continuously refined to ensure performance and reliability in all geographic and climatic conditions for solar thermal applications.

The 4.5M solar concentrator outperforms any conventional flat panel, evacuated tube or trough for lower temperature applications.

In 2013, The 7 meter dish was built to further reduce the LCOE for solar thermal applications. The 7M solar concentrator was tested in Australia and utilized the latest dual-axis tracking technology.

In 2016, the 9 meter solar dish was designed as a hybrid system to provide electricity and thermal energy. 

This latest model has an LCOE of 4.4 cents and can reach $1/watt installed when used with CPV multi-junction solar cell technology. The 9 meter solar concentrator can provide concentrated solar power to various electricity producing systems such as:

    • Free piston Stirling Engine
    • HCPV / CPV Dense Array Module (utilizes multiple triple junction solar cells in one module)
    • Steam Engine & Organic Rankine Cycle Engine

Mission Statement

To provide the most advanced Solar Concentrator Dish by harnessing the sun’s limitless energy and counteract the world’s escalating energy costs.

Build Your Own Solar Hydrogen Power Plant

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