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Solar Concentrator Performance & Reliability

The 7M solar concentrator (solar dish) provides 25 KW peak of thermal energy @ 73% efficiency . This is made possible due to the accuracy of the petal design, reflectivity of the material, and high efficiency absorber.

The solar concentrator has been tested in the harsh Northern hemisphere environment to ensure high performance and durability. The solar concentrator was engineered to handle any weather condition including high and low ambient temperature, snow & ice loading and strong winds. The system is designed for 20 + years of low maintenance operation.

Solar Thermal Power Generation

Unmatched solar thermal power generation of 25kW @ 1000 W/m2 solar radiation. 

Optical Concentration

The solar concenatrator  is designed to meet 1000 X optical concentration.

Generated Temperatures

The Solar Concentrator 7M is capable of providing temperatures for direct heating of up to 800 Celsius (1,472 Fahrenheit). For fluid heating, the temperatures are up to 270 Celsius (518 Fahrenheit) .

Wind Loading

The dish is designed for tracking up to 55 km/h  and has a safety factor up to 6X. The safety stow mode is 160 km/h (100 mph). A wind meter is configured to stow-away the dish in high wind conditions.

Ice Loading

The parabolic solar concentrator dish is designed to handle 475 KG (1,047 lbs) of ice. Which relates to 12.2 mm (0.5 inch) of ice over the entire area solar collecting area.

Snow Conditions

The solar concentrator is well designed to operate in snow conditions due the curved design of the petal and the ability to automatically perform a “defrost function”.