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The SolarBeam 7M was designed for large scale CSP installations and our engineers made it simple. The design allows for fast mounting of major components and does not require optical or mirror alignment. 

It is not only the equipment cost but also the installation cost that make the SolarBeam 7M attractive to buyers for CSP applications.

Installation Time

With only a crew of 3 people, one SolarBeam 7M can be installed from start to finish within 8 hours. The SolarBeam 7M was designed to have most components pre-assembled to reduce the installation time.

Spacing Requirements

The SolarBeam 7M is 7 meters wide and installed on a 3.5 meter post. The spacing requirements are approximately 10 x 20 meters to ensure maximum solar harvesting with the least amount of shading. 

Assembly Overview

  • The dish is designed to be assembled on the ground with the use of the Dish Mount Mechanical System that allows fast and easy installation of the trusses, reflective petals and skirting.
  • The post is placed via a boom onto the foundation followed by  the powertrain.
  • Next, the completed dish is hoisted via boom and secured to the powertrain.
  • The control system is mounted on the post and all quick connect plugs are installed to the powertrain control-interface board.
  • The hose assembly is secured and the absorber is installed and all necessary connections are performed.

Typical assembly time is 8 hours with 3 technicians.

Ideal Installation Locations

Suitable sites should receive at least 2,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of sunlight radiation per m2 annually, whilst best site locations receive more than 2,800 kWh/m2/year.

The most promising areas of the world include the following regions:

  • South-Western United States
  • Central and South America
  • North and Southern Africa
  • Australia
  • the Mediterranean countries of Europe
  • Middle East
  • Desert plains of India & Pakistan
  • Regions of the former Soviet Union
  • Regions of China