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Free Solar Hot Water for Fire Station in Halifax, Nova Scotia

The SolarBeam Concentrator is the newest advancement from Solartron Energy Systems, a global high tech company based, we are proud to say, in Amherst, NS. The SolarBeam is a remarkable solar hot water system that tracks the sun to create free solar hot water.

Solartron recently installed a SolarBeam at the fire station on Knightsridge Road, Halifax. Positioned about 175 feet from the station’s water tanks, it looks like a big satellite dish. From morning to dusk, the dish continuously repositions itself as it tracks the sun using a computer controlled 2-axis tracking system. The fire station is now one of the few establishments in the world able to benefit from solar hot water using concentrated solar power equal to 350 suns.
Renewable energy is the heart of industry’s future. There is simply no compromise to finding alternative energy sources. The SolarBeam is by far the most promising new solar hot water technology. It’s 270 per cent more efficient than flat plate panels, which, because they’re stationary, only work at peak efficiency for about 2 hours a day. The SolarBeam will pay for itself in six years (with rebates) compared to 20-plus years on flat plate panels or 15 years on evacuated tube panels when used in applications that need hot water higher than 60 celcuis. The payback is based on locations that have an average of 5 hours of sunshine per day.

To see how the SolarBeam tracks the sun, check out the videos at: www.youtube.com/solartronenergy

SolarTron Energy is currently working a photovoltaic module that will produce electricity. The goal is to produce up to 3.5 kW of electricity per hour. This module can be added to existing SolarBeams that currently only produce solar hot water. This electricity module is currently being developed, there is no firm date when it will be released to the public. The SolarBeam can also create air conditioning from the hot water by means of an absorption chiller which cools the incoming water for air conditioning. The SolarBeam is unquestionably the most innovative solar hot water system there is, and the only one whose design makes it perfect for industrial and residential use. The fire station on Knightsridge is one of the first to try this smaller, less expensive, and more efficient system, but Solartron is an international sensation. As more communities, provinces, states, and countries invest in SolarBeams, the company will train local workers to install and service the systems.

This local company is giving direction to the world. It is raising environmental standards and creating jobs. The Nova Scotia Government is proud to spotlight it here on our website. For more information, please visit http://www.solartronenergy.com/

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